Access to game is restored
Dear players, There were some problems due to which no access to Dragon Knight during the some time, now problems were fixed and you can enjoy the game :) Compensation also have been sent. Best regards and sorry for inconveniences, Dragon Knight Team
Posted 23.05.2018
Reposts event in Facebook group
Dear players, in our Facebook group: is active an event with excellent prizes! Choose your place in war between light and dark goddesses and make repost to win the rewards! Event begins today and will be active until 20th May. To join it just make repost of this publication and write in comments your nickname and server. Rewards: 5 lucky players which will be chosen randomly will be receive 50 wings grooming feathers from our team as reward Best regards, Dragon Knight Team
Posted 17.05.2018
Golden Millennium results is here!
Dear players! Golden Millennium has been finished with full progress — total have been recharged 282020 balens by 107 players, and it's time to publish event results and present the gifts to our lucky devils! 50 mount advance crystals are sending to players: Nexus (S7) Elden Zijat (S7) Harper Joyce (S4) Bertha Visho (S7) King Merlin (S8) 100 mount advance crystals are sending to players: Halona Aerum (S8) Chris Sterk (S7) Whateva (S7) Eugene Kruf (S1) MATRIX (S8) 50 wings grooming feathers are sending to players: Vortex (S6) Mortanian (S8) THROBINWO,OD (S7) Tiger (S8) Herman Green (S8) Purple Aries talent card is sending to players: Halona Aerum (S8) PaLaDiN (S8) Wild Wings (S1) Cornell Pilk (S7) Gstar (S8) 200 fashion essences and 20 fashion souls are sending to players: NicorBerith (S8) poop (S8) THROBINWO,OD (S7) Elden Zijat (S7) Zena (S7) Orange Scorpio talent card is sending to players: Wild Wings (S1), Cornell Pilk (S7), Zena (S7) Purple Scorpio talent card is sending to players: MATRIX (S7), Mortanian (S8) A jackpot with unique fashion set "Ice and Fire" is sending to players: DragonRider (S2) Chris Sterk (S7) Zena (S7) Delicia Amik (S8) Merlin Emila (S7) And, of course, there is a reward to player which recharged more than others too — player DragonRider (S2) is receiving Orange Capricorn talent card with 30 fashion souls. Thank you for Dragon Knight supporting!
Posted 15.05.2018
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