Unique recharge event is here!
Dragon tamers! At 27.06.2018 is beginning absolutely new recharge event — 3 days recharge target with cool rewards like to orange talents cards, rare fashion and wings, goddess keys, tonnes of resources and more another! To receive a chance to win an unique rewards, just recharge at 27.06.2018, 28.06.2018, 29.06.2018. If from all servers recharge will reach next sums, we will choose lucky recharges according to their recharge and send rewards. Target for 27.06.2018 — 80 000 balens recharge Target for 28.06.2018 — 90 000 balens recharge Target for 29.06.2018 — 100 000 balens recharge Now we're keeping the rewards in secret, but we ready to say that there is really cool fashion with wings, too much resources, Pisces goddess key and some which very need for any player. It's time to join this event! Best regards, Dragon Knight Team
Posted 26.06.2018
Update 07.06.2018
Dear players, Tomorrow in Dragon Knight will be maintenance from 10:00 to 11:00 (GMT+8). During this time game servers can be unavailable, so please plan your in-game activity in advance. NEW FEATURES: — Upgrade your power additionally with new system «Soul»! It's war soul and soul circle which you can enhance and receive a divine might! — Scary dark castles always have more horrors and treasures, and now you can entry it and receive a wonderful rewards, including Orange talent cards! New event «Explore Castle» is waiting for you! — Dwarfs resolved to find more exclusive items for own shop and began to do it! After technical works in Mystical Shop will be available new rare goods, so be ready to have ore to buy it! EVENTS PLAN: 1. June 7th to June 10th — Explore Castle; 2. June 7th to June 9th — Soaring Mount and Pet Wheel; 3. June 10th to June 13th — Goddess Card and Treasure of the Gods; 4. June 12th to June 13th — Card Draw; 5. June 14th to June 16th — Egg Crack, Warlord Chest and Magic Soul Wheel; 6. June 16th to June 20th — Wheel of Joy 7. June 17th to June 20th — Zodiac Smash, Mystical Shop and Ocean Hunt Best regards and sorry for possible inconveniences, Dragon Knight Team
Posted 06.06.2018
Diamonds Luck awaits you!
Dear players, New recharge event «Diamonds Luck» has been started! Just recharge to join and receive a chance to win really unique rewards — powerful goddesses keys, orange talent cards, fashion and more another items! Event duration: from June 6th to June 9th How to join event: you need just recharge for 19.99$, 49.99$ or 99,99$. There is three categories for prizes — the more recharge amount, the more prizes fund! If you don't recharge usually, you can recharge only 9.99$ to receive a chance to obtain an incentive gift. After event's finishing, we will choose lucky 5 players from each category and send them rewards. Rewards: For 19.99$ recharge: mount "Devi Elephant" and 120 mount advance crystals (5 prizes) For 49.99$ recharge: orange Scorpio talent card and absolutely new Space Wings (5 prizes) For 99.99$ recharge: Pisces goddess key (if you have it, we will send another rare item), absolutely fashion set "Space" with wings, orange Scorpio talent card (5 prizes) Player which will recharge more than others will receive a special prize from our team :) Best regards, Dragon Knight Team
Posted 06.06.2018
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